• Partnering with leanBI

    We are proud to present leanBI as a Bronze Sponsor 2019 of HSR Enhanced. Thank you very much for your contribution to our project!

    • WRS 127

    After Tokyo 2018 is before Kawasaki 2019

    Team HSR Enhanced has participated in the CYBATHLON Experience at the World Robot Summit exhibition in Tokyo. Each day from 17-21 October 2018 we gave two live demos climbing the new six-step stairs and introduced our race wheelchair «ZED Evolution» for CYBATHLON 2020.

    Checkout our most recent video recap here!

    A big thank you to our host crew at the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan  在日スイス大使館: you have made everything possible for us 24/7, and we cannot thank you enough! We would also like to give a special thanks to our sponsors who make all this possible with generous hardware and budget support! And last but not least thank you to the CYBATHLON organizers.

    Team HSR Enhanced will be back soon for CYBATHLON Wheelchair Series Japan サイバスロンシリーズ日本​ 5-6 May 2019 in Kawasaki: follow us!

    Thank you CTE

    We are proud to present ControlTech Engineering AG as a Bronze Sponsor 2019 of HSR Enhanced. Thank you very much for your contribution to our project!

    • Faulhaber square

    FAULHABER creates motion

    We are proud to present FAULHABER as a Gold Sponsor 2019 of HSR Enhanced. Founded in 1947, FAULHABER offers today the most extensive range of miniature and micro drive systems available from a single source worldwide. On the basis of this technological diversity, FAULHABER designs drive solutions that are unique with respect to their precision and reliability in the smallest of spaces. Their main areas of use include production automation and robotics, aerospace, optical systems as well as medicine and laboratory technology. And also HSR Enhanced trusts FAULHABER motors: seven of the electrical drives in our race wheelchair ZED Evolution are made by FAULHABER and perform at highest precision and reliability. Thank you very much for your contribution to our project!

    • Logo HSRenhanced color square

    HSR Enhanced unveils brand new logo!

    We start 2019 with our new logo: it represents our loved wheelchair ZED and the colors of HSR University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil. The whole team is currently focused on the CYBATHLON Wheelchair Series Race in Kawasaki, developing ZED into the Japan race version 'Evolution 2'.

    We hope you like the logo! Please feel free to spread it all over the world to support HSR Enhanced on the road to CYBATHLON 2020!

    PS.: If the new logo is not showing up on our website, you may want to clear your browser cache.

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    Become our partner in 2019!

    Team HSR Enhanced is aiming at participation in two main events in 2019: CYBATHLON Wheelchair Series Japan, and CYBATHLON Experience at Swiss Handicap Exhibition. Both are important milestones on the road to CYBATHLON 2020 in Zurich. Especially for the race in Japan, the logistics cost to airlift our race wheelchair and the expenses for flights and hotels are taking a heavy toll on our budget. In order to close the gap, we have designed new Sponsoring Packages for 2019 and ask for your support:

    Join us as a partner and become a part of HSR Enhanced on these endeavors. Support the team with high visibility for you and your company. To make it possible for smaller budgets, our Patron category already starts at CHF 150. It is followed by Bronze for CHF 1'500, Silver for CHF 4'000 and Gold for CHF 9'000 with increasing benefits for you. And if you are aiming for more, our Enhanced sponsoring partnership guarantees you highest visibility and insights into the team.

    Make sure you have a look at all the benefits for sponsoring partners in our documents, and please contact Christian Bermes for further information.

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